Flexible online qualifications for the workplace

NZQA accredited personal development targeted for aspiring leaders who are wishing to develop their skills and knowledge to further their careers.

What is a Micro Credential ?

They are smaller than a normal qualification and focus on skills development opportunities. A micro credential is a perfect way to certify achievement of a skill or help develop new skills with a NZQA qualification at the end of it. All while still working in an online, self paced environment.

Why choose Study From Work?

Improve your workforce career progressions with the company, enable the learner to work in different roles and develop their skills in different areas. Increase staff retention, reward and recognise peoples’ skills and develop them into tomorrows’ leaders and managers.

We have been providing quality online education for over 25 years. Enjoy the support and guidance of our experienced online learning team, just like you would if you were studying in person. We can also provide dashboard information on progress and performance.

To upskill your team

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