Communication Management

Develop skills & knowledge with communication management.

15 Credits, Level 5

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Course Content

Learners will acquire an overall understanding of communication skills theory and practice.  They will be able to evaluate and analyse workplace communication processes and explain the importance of effective communication for successful business operations.

This subject enables learners to apply effective communication skills in order to communicate with diverse audiences, and apply an analytical framework to identify solutions for cross-cultural and diversity issues in a business environment.  Effective solutions will be identified for cross-cultural and diversity issues to improve organisational performance.

Successful completion of this micro-credential will enable a learner to:

Develop an external communication procedure for a business to outline appropriate channels and standards.

Analyse and evaluate communication procedures and standards to support a business.

And finally assess the challenges of cross-culture and diversity in a business environment to contextualise possible issues.

Entry Requirements

  • Relevant work experience 
  • Demonstrate suitable literacy and numeracy skills

How To Enrol

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Learner Requirements

Learners will need time to complete their online learning. Because this is online it is flexible to suit the needs of the business. They can complete this full-time, part-time or whenever they have time.

Everyone who takes part in these online qualifications will need to have access to a computer or laptop and working internet.

I’m not aware of anything similar on offer in the market currently and believe there is both a demand and need for this sort of product. There is great appeal for both and employer and employee to be able to participate in training modules that are applicable across a broad range and be recognised for the results of that training with qualifications.

AJ Hackett New Zealand

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